China-Malaysia Pasir Gudang Industrial Park

Greenland Malaysia is on collaboration talk with Johor state government to establish an iconic China-Malaysia Pasir Gudang Indutrial Park with an estimated johor land area of 3000 acres.

According to the sources, Pasir Gudang Industral Park once approved will be bigger in size than China-Malaysia Kuantan Industrial Park. It is currently on the planning stages, pending for Johor state government to realise it.

China-Malaysia Pasir gudang Industrial Park may be located at Masai Kong Kong area, which is located very closeproximity to Pasir Gudang Port and its existing industrial park. This project will help to improve the Iskandar Malaysia industrial development.

Gteenland General Manager Mr Wu said in the press conference that the above industrial park’s overall development size is huge, and it will attracted international company to establish their presence here. In the result, it will help to improve Johor population which is now stands at 1.4 million in the Iskandar Malaysia and infrastructure development.

“China-Malaysia Pasir Gudang Industrial Park will comprising three theme, which are Singapore Industrial Park, Electronic Industrial Park, and International Property Park”, said Mr Wu. However, he doesn’t disclose the total amount for the iskandar project development.

“There are total of 30 billion of GDP in Johor. Once the Pasir Gudang Industrial Park materialised and completed, it will help in increment of Johor GDP to double fold amounted to 60 billion” emphasis Mr Wu.

He frankly spoke out that Industrial Park is important iskandar project to attract human resources from ASEAN country to stay and work in Johor. It is due to the property development needs population, and the population in Iskandar Malaysia Johor is limited in current stage.

Mr Wu hope that Greenland able to fight for the China-Malaysia Pasir Gudang Industrial Park listed into China to outside country 15th largest industrial park investment, and possibly reach the China- Malaysia country level collaboration.

Once it is success, Industrial park will be single largest investment project between both country.

According to Mr Wu, 128 acres Tebrau waterfront mixed integrated development iskandar project will contain 5 phase, and it will including infrastructure development which will assist government to build a new Permas Jaya bridge to ease the current Permas Jaya bridge congestion issue.

The phase 1 development will include a children theme park of experiences, hotel, restaurant, and office. Phase 2 developments including Chinese primary school, a snow world theme park which public can enjoy ice sculpture and ice skating facility and expected attracting 40,000 visitors yearly. Phase 3 will include opera house containing 1500 seater, phase 4 including Chinese medical hospital to attract retiree, and phase 5 including waterfront luxury property.


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