Property Management and Consultancy

Welcome to MProperty Consultancy. We are a company providing consultancy and management services related to property management, renovation and refurbishment services, and housing loan and housing insurance services.

Owner are welcome to look for us if you need our services for  managing your property in long term basis, require information related to property and development in Iskandar Malaysia and Johor, use our system to sell/rent your property, or buyer looking for property. We are dedicated to provide the central panel/match-maker to match the needs of each individual no matter you are buyer, seller, owner, tenant or property investors.

We do have specialist team in renovation and refurbishment services. Welcome to reach us for your new home renovation or renovation and refurbishment for your house. It covers one stop renovation from painting, wiring, ceiling plaster, partition to kitchen,  cabinet (kitchen, room), mosaic, iron gate.

For the housing insurance, we do provide the consultancy of MLTA and MRTA which is essential to secure a housing loan. Basically, both Mortgage Reducing Term Assurance (MRTA) which is offered by bank and Mortgage Level Term Assurance (MLTA) which is offered by insurance company are functioning as a protection for borrower by helping them to settle their outstanding mortgage loan in the event of something happens and unable to repay the mortgage loan installments.

Hereby, we are thank you for your entrust and support. We hope through the above mentioned one stop services provided, from buy/sell property to renovation, or/and again to rent/sell or/and long term property management services to servicing your needs in your real estate investments.

We sincerely welcome owners who are unable to manage their own property due to working in Singapore or other countries/places entrust their property for us for management in long term basis.

Please feel free to email us at or contact me at 016-888 4292. We will contact you or reply your email the soonest.

欢迎你们到来MProperty Consultancy产业咨询与管理公司。


我们公司也提供一站式装修服务。我们提供装修服务,包括拉电,油漆,石膏,隔板partition, 厨房灶头,地砖,壁厨(厨房与睡房)与铁花。我们与专业的装修商合作,诚信与责任是长期伙伴关系的基础,与永续经营的唯一方法。




欢迎你们电邮至mproperty.consultancy88@gmail.com或打电话至 016-888 4292查询更多详情。

Property Management and Property Consultancy, One Stop Renovation services,  Mortgage, Housing Loan Insurance MLTA

Alvin Mah
016 – 888 4292
Property Consultant
Email Address:
Property Consultancy and Management, One Stop Renovation services, Mortgage and Housing Loan Insurance services

Your service delivery and trustworthy partner.


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