Johor Bahru land for sale

Address: Johor Bahru
Land Size: 7000 sqft
Land Title: Residential Land with house
Land Tenure: Freehold
Selling Price:RM300.00 psf
Posted date:27 Oct, 2014
Land condition: Flat land behind New Hong Kong Restaurant overlooking R&F Princess Cove HOSPCA project and Singapore skyline.

Johor Bahru land for sale, JB land for sale

Johor Bahru land for sale, JB land for sale

Johor Bahru land for sale, JB land for sale

Johor Bahru land for sale, JB land for sale


Johor Bahru Fact and Figure

Johor Bahru (abbreviated as JB) is the capital city of Johor in southern Malaysia, located north of Singapore.

The presence of Singapore-owned companies and tourists is significant in Johor Bahru. Johor Bahru’s many shopping complexes cater to tourists from Singapore who visit the city for shopping and entertainment, taking advantage of the stronger Singapore dollar. As such, Johor Bahru’s retail scene is highly developed for a city of its size. The main shopping districts are located within the city.

Johor Bahru enjoys a close economic relationship with Singapore. A large number of residents in Johor Bahru work in Singapore, where salaries for equivalent jobs are higher than in Malaysia. This is partially because of the strong Singapore dollar. For the same reason, many Singaporeans live in Johor Bahru or visit the city for shopping, entertainment, and dining. Many Singaporeans own property, businesses, and factories in Johor Bahru.

Tourism is one of the most important factors for Johor Bahru’s economic growth. Johor Bahru is easily reached from Singapore, and receives 49.9 percent of the country’s annual 22.5 million foreign tourists via its bridges and road links to Singapore.

After 8 years of Iskandar Malaysia introduction and development in progress, Johor Bahru as Flagship A has gained a lot of foreign investments. The most known to everybody are the investments of China developers alongside of Danga Bay, Straits of Tebrau to the Second Link coastal line, Country Garden, Greenland, and R&F Properties to be namely. Due to its scarcity of landbank in Johor Bahru, its strategic location next to Singapore by a causeway and its status as Johor capital city, Johor Bahru land price has shoot up rocketly within these 2 years. Johor Bahru land is most sought after among the China developers.


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