Malaysia ranked 19th of top expat destinations, survey shows

Expatriates have chosen Malaysia as one of the most attractive destinations to migrate to, according to a recent survey by The Expat Explorer 2014.

Malaysia ranked 19th in the list of 20 countries for expats looking for a balanced life, because it was cost-effective and offered high quality and relatively inexpensive accommodation.

“Many also find that Malaysia is cost-effective as well as an exciting destination.

“Respondents said that accommodation is easy to find, of higher quality and relatively inexpensive,” the report said.

At least 63% of respondents said that it was easy to find accommodation in Malaysia, over half (54%) say it is of a higher standard than in their home country and 34% are now spending less on housing than before, the survey found.

The respondents said that utilities are another area in which they are saving – 37% now spend less on these bills compared with a global average of 26%.

Some 9,300 expatriates from more than 100 countries were polled in the Expat Explorer survey, one of the largest independent global studies of its kind.

The survey, commissioned by HSBC Expat, was conducted by a third party research company YouGov between April and May this year.

It noted that Malaysia was most likely the choice for expatriates looking for a new challenge.

“Expats looking for a challenge are among the most likely to head to Malaysia in Southeast Asia – 49% of expat respondents told us this reason motivated their move, followed by better job prospects (46%).”

The majority of this year’s respondents are from the UK, making up 27%.

The biggest problem the expatriates had to face in Malaysia is language, with nearly half of expats in country (47%) saying they find the local language difficult.

“But expats who make Malaysia their home seem to embrace the sense of adventure, with over half (56%) trying to learn and use the local language, despite its difficulty, 70% travelling more since embarking on an expat life and 57% describing Malaysia as a culturally interesting place for them and their families,” the report said.

Switzerland topped the list, which is into its seventh year, followed by neighbouring Singapore at second place.

Another of Malaysia’s neighbours, Thailand, took seventh spot.

In this year’s survey, Asia was ranked the best continent for earning potential, with nearly one-fifth (19%) of expatriates earning at least US$200,000 (RM652,590) annually and 65% said they had more disposable income than they would have in their home countries. – October 22, 2014.

More details for the report can be found here

Expat Explorer 2014 survey report

Expat Explorer 2014 survey report




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