Bukit Chargar chosen as Rapid Transit System RTS terminal in Johor Bahru

Latest news for Rapid Transit System as on 23 Sept 2014 – Johor state has decided that the Rapid Transit System (RTS) terminal station linking from Singapore Thomson Line to be located at Bukit Chagar.

The site, where the former Bukit Chagar flats were located, was deemed to be the top choice of the public from a list of four preferred locations polled during the Iskandar Malaysia Comprehensive Development Plan Open Day in September last year. Tanjung Puteri, JB Sentral 1 and JB Sentral 2 are among the other RTS terminal locations in the list for the public to poll.

Bukit Chagar is located behind the main train station ‘JB Sentral’. The plot of land is now mainly empty after demolition of low cost flats which were built there in the 1980s. The empty land now are mainly being used as car park area by those who work in Singapore. To save the toll charge cost from both country, many Malaysian drive the car and parking at Bukit Chagar and taking public transport from the CIQ into Singapore.

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The Bukit Chagar RTS Terminal will have its own Customs and Immigration clearance facilities and will not be sharing with existing facilities at the Customs, Immigration and Quarantine (CIQ) complex at the Sultan Iskandar Building.

State Public Works, Rural and Regional Development Committee chairman Datuk Hasni Mohammad said Johor had only a single proposal to the location of the RTS terminal.

It is now up to Singapore to list their choice. So far there are still no indication to the final alignment of the RTS from a total of three options from Singapore counterpart.

Singapore’s options of RTS alignment are to build it parallel to the causeway and above the ground; parallel to the causeway and underground; or diagonally opposite the causeway.Whichever alignment is chosen, RTS to Johor terminal station Bukit Chagar from Singapore is an extension of the Singapore’s Thomson Line which will have its northernmost station to be located at Woodlands North. It means that Singapore Thomson Line which stretches over 43km once constructed will be linked directly to Bukit Chagar RTS terminal.

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