Singapore new toll charges starting from 1 Oct

Starting from 1 Oct 2014, Singapore will adjust its toll charges to all vehicles except motorcycles which leaving Singapore to Johor Bahru through Causeway.

The new toll charges is response to Malaysia new EDL toll charges which implemented at the Immigration , Custom and Quarantine ICQ since 1 August.

There are no changes to the toll charges at the Second Link.

In a statement today, the Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA) said the new toll charges rates were in tandem with the Singapore’s all time policy of matching toll charges at the Causeway and Second Link to toll charges set by counterpart country Malaysia.

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“In view of Malaysia’s recent revision in toll charges at the Causeway, from 1 October 2014, Singapore’s toll charges for all vehicles (except motorcycles) leaving Singapore through the Causeway will be increased to match the new Malaysian toll.”

“A new matching Causeway toll will also be implemented for all vehicles (except motorcycles) entering Singapore. There are no changes to the toll charges at the Second Link,” the statement read.

According to the policy, any changes to the toll charges in Malaysia will causing adjustment to Singapore toll charges. In the other words, if Malaysia lower the toll charges, Singapore toll charges will also lower down accordingly.This practice apply to Second Link too.

Payment will be deducted only upon leaving Singapore (whether through the Causeway or Second Link), together with the exit toll, Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) fee and Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) charges if any..

This will be the same as the existing practice for the Second Link entry toll.

On Aug 1, Singapore had raised the VEP fees for foreign-registered cars from S$20 to S$35 per day, and the Goods Vehicle Permit from S$10 to S$40 per calendar month. Malaysia’s government in return raised EDL toll charges by more than 500 per cent from RM2.90 to RM16.50.

Based on the Singapore toll charges adjustment, the car toll charges  will increase from S$1.20 to new toll charges of S$6.50 in round trip.

Singapore New Causeway Toll Charges

Singapore New Causeway Toll Charges

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