Invitation for second hand landed property market investment opportunity in Iskandar Malaysia

Invitation for second hand landed property market investment opportunity in Iskandar Malaysia


What is Iskandar Malaysia?

Iskandar Malaysia is a special economic zone in southern Johor which has been attracted many investors to set up businesses and operation. With its strategic location encompass by Singapore and Indonesia, well connected network linkage, fundamentally strong economic growth, stability in terms of economic, politic and social, well-planned Iskandar Malaysia master plan, close collaboration and partnership with Singapore through The Malaysia-Singapore Joint Ministerial Committee (JMC), Iskandar Malaysia is set to transform into a global city with international standing.

How much Iskandar Malaysia has received its investment target?

Iskandar Malaysia has secured a total cumulative committed investment of RM146.2 billion since the launch of Iskandar Malaysia until 30 June, 2014.Of the total cumulative of committed investments, RM69.53 billion or 48% have been realised as projects on the ground. Just from April to the June this year, Iskandar Malaysia has secured RM9.72 billion in new investments bringing a total new investments for this year to RM14.56 billion. The SEAN Economic Community (AEC) goal by 2015 and TPPA which is in the progress of negotiation will definitely spur the growth of Malaysia and direct and indirectly become catalysts for Iskandar Malaysia economy growth and inflow of foreign direct investments FDI.

How this second hand property investment cooperation works?

I m here to invite you to share the booming real estate investment opportunity in Iskandar Malaysia through second hand housing property market via auction. We can see that the housing price here is almost double up within these 3 years.  Property market watch and research expect that the GST implementation in May 2015 will accelerate and boost the housing price further. Only through auction we can get a landed property with cheaper than market price.

We can cooperate to buy the auction house, renovate and the sell it. In this cooperation, I will manage the full processes from search for worthy house to auction, attending to the bid, renovation works until the house sold. You need to provide the investment capital for the auction deposit, renovation to the down payment. The investment capital expected to be ranging from RM80,000 to RM120,000 depending on type of house, its location and if you are Singapore (30% down payment).

Singaporean are welcome for the cooperation. Malaysian who request for bidding service welcome to contact me.

To cooperate, mutual trust is first priority. Since money is too sensitive and promise by mouth is pointless and meaningless, black and white lawyer letter is the best solution for the cooperation. We will issue a lawyer letter for initial investment capital used for auction deposit . Once the auction success, second lawyer letter will issue addressing the successfully bid property, the ownership (if you are Singaporean and property auctioned register under my name), the purpose of the property (indicate to be renovated and then sell off), and the profit allocation. Once this process is completed, then we will proceed to bank loan and Sale and Purchase Agreement SPA.

Why invest in Second Hand landed property in Iskandar Malaysia?

If you are intended to invest in Iskandar Malaysia recently and in searching for the new launch service apartment in Iskandar Malaysia, then you should reconsider it.

Single storey terrace house and double storey terrace house below 500k is no longer built in Iskandar Malaysia. Looking ahead all the new launch residential housing projects, all the them are starting from 500k and above. If it is located at better location like Bukit Indah, it’s selling price are a lot higher and developer tend to build housing type with over million like cluster house.

The position and strategy of investment in second hand property market in Iskandar Malaysia

We can see that supply for landed property for price tag of less than 500k has almost stopped. Based on the 80/20 model in business and economy concept, 20% people are rich while 80% population are in middle class or poorer. It can translated to 80% of population in Iskandar Malaysia is looking for house below 500k. This strategy provide us the position of safer, easier and faster to sell off the property.

Besides that, we are in the position of blue ocean strategy when most of the service apartments completed and release to the market. It will be hard to sell or rent out at good price given the market supply is plenty and current purchase price is already high. Compared to new launch service apartments, second hand terrace house which is ranging from 250k to 500k is a lot cheaper, bigger in size and holding freehold land title and without maintenance fee.

With the current mass mega integrated project with 500 sq ft studio type service apartment cost up to 400k, landed property with over 1200 sq ft in general with price tag of 250k to 500k will definitely most home buyers looking for and with limited supply.

Advantage of acquire second hand property through auction:

Auction house provide us 4 benefits in advance, which is cheaper than market price, landed property which is no new development supply, huge demand but limited supply and lastly it is a ready stock and generally it is bigger in size.

Who am I?

I am Alvin Ma. I have been working in Singapore over the past 6 years as system engineer at Bank Of America Merrill Lynch, DHL, ANZ respectively and 6 months as property agent in Iskandar Malaysia selling D’Carlton, a luxury service apartment located at Megah Ria, Permas Jaya. Within the period selling D’ Carlton service apartment, I gained a lot of in-depth knowledge and information about Iskandar Malaysia, its development progress and its master plan.

I have learned that Iskandar Malaysia is an ambitious project by Johor State with detailed and well planned master plan. It had attracted the global investors attention and achieved the target of investment amount. Its partnership with Singapore and the railway network linkage through Rapid Transit System RTS and Kuala Lumpur- Singapore High Speed Rail will entrust the confidence to investments sentiment. With the scarcity of land in Singapore and movement of industry sector to Iskandar Malaysia, it set to transform Iskandar Malaysia and Singapore relation to the form of Hong Kong – Shenzhen model.

My Contact details:

I am welcome you to contact me for more details for cooperation. It must be a win-win situation for both parties and best chance and method to invest in Iskandar Malaysia property market. you may contact me at WeChat – 016-888 4292 or email me at


House Auction Rumah Lelong in Johor Iskandar Malaysia, landed property and condo

House Auction in Johor Iskandar Malaysia, landed property and condo

Rumah Lelong House Auction in Johor Iskandar Malaysia, landed property and condo

Rumah Lelong House Auction in Johor Iskandar Malaysia, landed property and condo




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