Iskandar Malaysia new theme parks

Iskandar IRDA CEO Iswan said recently on 8 Nov that the authority is in the progress of seeking foreign investments from Europe Theme Park and North America Theme Park players to have their businesses setup in Iskandar Malaysia. In order to balance the development at Iskandar Malaysia area, new theme park’s location need to be and will be located at Mersing, Desaru or Kulai.

Iswan replied after attended to Iskandar eco-tourism submit. New theme parks can be setup at area outside of Iskandar, example like Mersing because if too many theme parks located in same location, it is inappropriate in businesses context and strategy. We will make sure transport connectivity within these theme parks accessible easily and well connected.

Iskandar IRDA CEO Iswan also noted that the new theme parks targeting to adults customers given that currently Legoland and Sandrio Hello Kitty theme parks already cater and targeted customers of ages from 3 years old to 11 years old. Therefore the IRDA authority hopes that the new theme parks to attract customers of different range of ages.

Iswan doesn’t disclose the theme parks they are negotiated with. In the current stage, Iskandar already has Legoland from Denmark, Sandrio Hello Kitty from Japan, and the Angry Bird theme park from Finland which will be operated next year May at JBCC, Iskandar Flagship A Johor Bahru.

There do have newspaper release previously stated that Six Flag, which headquarter in America New York plan to have their first Asia theme park foray in Iskandar area. In the near future, we can expect that Iskandar as a new Special Economic Zone in Malaysia with Johor State government dedication to transform and attract foreign investor to establish their businesses present here, and its strategic location next to rich and advanced country Singapore just separated by a causeway, Iskandar will become brilliant and vibrant city in international standing. The model of Hong Kong-Shenzhen and Macau-Zhuhai will find its similarity at Singapore-Johor Iskandar area.

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