Free Tax City in Iskandar Nusajaya

Malaysia Oriental Newspaper press release yesterday at 10 Nov 2013 noted that Johor State government is in talk with developer, planning to develop a free tax city near to Second link Causeway – Gelang Patah with build up areas of 2000 acres. Once this plan confirmed and approved, it will be biggest of its kind in Malaysia.

According to the source from government insider of Johor State, the aboce mentioned free tax city development will be co-operation and co-developed by China developer Country Garden Group and Kumpulan Prasarana Rakyat Johor (KPRJ), investment arm of Johor State. This plan has been brought up to discuss with the Johor State government for the initial stage. The purpose of the concept of this free tax city development is to further enhance and develop the Iskandar as a special economic zone.

The source said that the idea is being brought up in recent months, and because it is a very new idea and concept, its actual development details and strategy is yet to be completed discussed and research. The source said that Johor State government hope to transform Johor to be like Labuan, become International Commerce and Financial Centre of the choice of foreign investor, and free tax zone.  This project not only will improve Johor State’s tourism sector, but also attracting multinational company to setup their businesses, increasing manufacturing and factory present and financial sector direct investments, and diversify the development portfolio.

Based on the newspaper release, when the China Premier Xi visited Malaysia early this month, he do mentioned China’s intention to invest in logistics sector within Iskandar area. Therefore, we believe this will be good news to facilitate the development of free tax city plan.


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