Why Property Iskandar Malaysia

Property market in Asia countries are booming in recent years. For some Asia countries which are in the progress of fast growing and open door policies, they are attracting a lot of foreign investors to have their business in Asia. Many MNC companies from Europe and America have expanded there businesses and operations in Asia countries to tap into this huge economic market which are in fast growing while their own countries in Europe and America are in recession or in slow pace of growth.

With the flow of foreign capitals and jobs creation from these MNC companies, many developing countries have set up special economic zone to attract and accommodate these MNC businesses and factory operations. Southeast Asia with the benefit of lower labor cost and operating cost has become the prime location for factory and services centre industry.

Iskandar Malaysia taking the advantages of its location nearby to Singapore and Indonesia, with plentiful natural resources and wide scale of plain land, lower operating cost and plentiful of skilled human resources become the top choice of special economic zone from MNC companies and Singapore businessman.

Singapore, a well known financial, tourism, and busiest sea port in the world’s city state country, consists of 5.5 million of citizen and Indonesia has citizen of over 1 billion with full of its natural resources and plantations. The Indonesia-Malaysia-Singapore Growth Triangle (IMS-GT) was established to strengthen economic links in the region and optimize the complementary between three countries. Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia have achieved steady and significant economic growth after the sub-prime crisis while Europe and America still in recession and slow pace of growth.

Why choose property market in Iskandar Malaysia

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Economic Stability – Malaysia has enjoying steady and high growth since 1997 Asia economic crisis.

Politic Stability   – Malaysia is a democratic country whereby each citizen has the right to vote for their ideal party to rule the countries.

Social Stability   – Malaysia with three major ethnics and few minor tribes enjoy a peaceful and harmony society. Everyone is respecting each other, communicate and blended well in the community.

War                    – Malaysia has encounter 0 wars since 1945 with Japanese. Malaysia neutral diplomatic policies exclude Malaysia from any conflicts with other countries.

Political tension – Malaysia resolves all sovereignty disputes through international court instead of military way.

Natural disaster   – Malaysia is a blessed country with no natural disaster. Earthquake, tsunami, volcano, tornado and terrible flood are far away from us.

Weather                – Malaysia enjoy four seasons of spring weather. No drastic cool winter seasons that can kill people and extreme hot season that causes death.

Safety                    – Malaysia applies 0 weapon policies. Individuals posses weapon with license are subjected to crime and will be arrested and having heavy penalty.

Property prices and its sustainability

Education             – Education is the only way to improve and get higher salary. Malaysia policy encourages and allows all people to study or further study in universities or colleges.

Job Opportunities – Iskandar Malaysia as a special economic zone provides a lot of incentives to foreign investors. It has attracts many foreign capitals flow in. Many MNC and Singapore companies is considering move in, have started move in or already set up their businesses and factories in Iskandar Malaysia.

Urbanisation      – Iskandar Malaysia will become third largest cities in Malaysia after capital Kuala Lumpur and Penang. Transport linkage through High Speed Rail HSR between KL and Singapore will promote Iskandar Malaysia into a mega cities and a mega region.

Malaysia My Second Home MM2H – With the complete make over of JB city center and totally new city development in Nusajaya, Iskandar Malaysia expected to attract many elderly and rich to migrate here to enjoy high standard of living with comparable lower living cost.

Global Economic Transformation – Recession in Europe and America and America stance of TPPA Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreements has lead to economic shift from western countries to Asia.

Economic Transformation Programme – Economic Transformation Programme is a comprehensive effort that will transform Malaysia into a high-income nation by the 2020.

Population       – Iskandar Malaysia expected to reach its population of 3 million in years 2020.

Globalization and mobility – With the ease of mobility and connectivity through sea, land and air, and globalization through the advance of Internet and information flow, Iskandar Malasia will attracted many quality human capitals and human resources from all over the world.

Pro business environment – Iskandar Malaysia is a special economic zone with lot of incentives and least restrictions to encourage foreign companies to establish their presence here.

Foreigner housing ownership – Foreigner are allow to have 100% property ownership and loan from local banks.

Land prices, raw material prices and higher salary – Three of these factors have push up the overall property prices.

Tourism and EduCity – The formation of EduCity, City of Knowledge and establishment of Legoland, Hello Kitty Family Theme Park, International Resort Destination, Waterfront City, Puteri Harbour and other international well known theme park industries in future are aim to provide stable population to sustain the property market, its supply and its demand. Malaysia natural resources, multiple cultures, languages and religions, heritages and of course the foods have become Malaysia a well known top of choices tourism country.

High Speed Rail HSR (KL-Singapore), LRT(JB-Singapore), Internal Rail Commuter, and Rapid Bus Transit RBS – The mentioned network linkage will definitely bring the Iskandar Malaysia property market price to a new height.

Singaporeans who like to enjoy foods and luxury living standard and spacious environment and Singapore PR are the biggest buyer in Iskandar Malaysia. Malaysians who are Singapore PR are also the biggest and potential buyer in Iskandar Malaysia. With the more mature economic market and its infrastructure, Iskandar Malaysia will become top of choices of property market from investor, investment funds, financial institutes and wealth individuals to invest, work, stay and live.

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