Vantage Bay

VANTAGE BAY, an integrated medical hub development in Flagship A Johor Bahru with gross development value GDV of RM10 billion, has received the approval from the Iskandar Regional Development Authority.

Vantage Bay is a joint venture between the Johor royal family with 30% stake and Singaporean businessman Peter Lim with 70% with the name of Best Blend. Spanning 10 ha, the integrated medical hub project Vantage Bay is just few hundred meters away from Johor customs, immigration and quarantine (CIQ) at beside Foon Yew High School, Stulang Laut Johor Bahru.

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Vantage Bay development features a gated city with its own medical campus, residential apartments, hotels, convention centers, shopping malls and commercial offices, and will be fully completed in 10 years. Work on the project will begin at the end of 2013. The hospital and residential apartments are due to be completed in 2016 under its first phase

A 200-bed general hospital with specialist services in areas such as diabetes and ophthalmology will be built in the first stage.   Thomson Specialist Hospital, a 300-bed tertiary hospital within the medical hub, will be supported by Centres of Excellence (COE) focusing on fertility, diabetes, cardiology and oncology. It will also strike up a public-private partnership with a private wing where medical specialists from public hospitals can practise.

Singaporeans and Malaysians with CPF can use Medisave at proposed JB hospital.

The medical hub will be managed by Thomson International Health Services, the consultancy and management division of Singapore’s Thomson Medical Centre. Thomson’s senior nurses and doctors will be involved in running the medical hub.

Singaporeans and Malaysians with Central Provident Fund accounts will be able to utilise their Medisave reserves to pay for treatment at the new hospital as they will be able to obtain referrals from Thomson Medical Centre Singapore.

The second phase involves building the supporting facilities for the medical hub, such as serviced apartments, entertainment facilities and a shopping mall.

Vantage Bay project including the plan to set up a training school for nurses and medical technicians at the hospital, establish facilities for health promotion and disease prevention.

Besides healthcare facilities, Vintage Bay developments cater to other needs as well. Vantage Bay offers over a million square feet in office space, and plans to attract Singapore companies to relocate their office to JB for lower rentals and enjoy the incentives in Iskandar Malaysia. It will also boast one of the largest shopping malls in JB with an area of a million square feet.

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